Giant connect 4 £20 for the day with any other hire.

excellent fun for all the family!

 Air Juggler is an amusement thats ideal for indoor events that can be used individually, head to head or by teams of individuals working together.

Along each side of the inflatable is a row of cones all producing a continuous flow of air. A ball is placed in the airflow from the first cone on each side so that it hovers in the air and its then a race to move the ball down the table with the player/s carefully moving the ball from cone to cone until it reaches the finish at the far end. If the balls comes out of the airflow it will fall and you have to start again!

The Airflow Racer is suitable for use by people of all ages from age 6 to adult and can be played indoors or outside, however not so fun in the wind!

£50 for the day or £40 with any other hire!

Surf simulator                        Rain cover: no                        Age: up to 70 years

Size: W14ft x L18ft             Space required: 18ft x 24ft      Price: £125 for 2 hours

bouncy castle hire durham

Adult Dalmation castle             Rain cover: yes                                      Age: up to 70 years

Size: W15ft x L20ft x H20ft      Space required: 20ft x 25ft                    Price: £85 for the day     

 Activity Castle                          Rain cover: yes                      Age: adult

Size: W25ft x L25ft x H18ft      Space required: 30ft x 30ft     Price £120 for the day

 Gladiator dual                           Rain cover: no                                      Age: up to 70 years

Size: W16ft x L18ft                    Space required: 20ft x 22ft                    Price: £70 for the day  

Adult fun and games hire

Adult sumo suits            Age:14 years to adult             Price: £50 for the day