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Multi Sports Challenge

Multi Sports Inflatables Hire in Durham and Darlington

Test yours and your friends sporting skills and abilities with this fantastic Multi Sports Inflatables. This amazing game come with 3 games, You can choose 3 games from the following options

  • Baseball or Ball in the Bucket
  • Basketball or Crossbow Challenge
  • Nerf Gun Darts or Play Your Cards Right

Please write your choice in the "customer notes section when booking online.

Games Include:

  • Baseball - The clue is in the name, Basically a ball floats above the inflatable tube. The player has a soft foam bat and they have to hit the ball through one of the holes in the back to score points. A great sideshow game for all and perfect for taking money at your events!
  • Ball in the Bucket - Similar to the Baseball but an olde town favourite, a floating ball and soft foam bat is used. Basically the same game just a different target to score in!
  • Basketball - No funfair is complete without the Basketball side stall game! This inflatable offers exactly that, a fantastic Basketball challenge where the participant has to score by throwing the ball through the hoop!
  • Crossbow Challenge - The crossbow challenge section of this inflatable is fantastic for school fayres, village fetes or any event. Basically the player must shoot the target in the netted area with one of our fantastic crossbows. You select a score to beat to win! Although the crossbow only shoots rubber tipped plastic darts we must stress that adult supervision is needed at all times!
  • Nerf Gun Darts - Its exactly that! Darts, but with a nerf gun. The player gets three shots to shoot at the velcro dart board.​ You select the score the player requires to win! As with all these games, this is excellent for taking money at your events and earning you a nice income. Kids and adults can't refuse a challenge!
  • Play Your Cards Right - Like the old TV gameshow this is a game of cards. The supervisor turns a card over and the player must guess whether the next card is higher or lower. Play as many cards as you like and if the player makes it to the end of the set number they win!​

These games are great for all ages and perfect for School Fairs, Events or Fun Days. These can be hired from ourselves and staffed by you so you can charge for participants, meaning you can earn from the hire! So great for fundraising days!

If you'd like to book this inflatable for your event you can do so by clicking he "book now" button below and filling out the form. We do require a £15 deposit on each booking. On booking online, please write in the notes selection your choice of games!

Alternatively you can Contact Us here or call us on 01388 417490 (9am - 3pm) or 07813 210255 (9am - 7pm) to discuss your requirements.

Price: £150

Suitable for: Adults & Children

Available Overnight for an extra £30

Asset Size:20ft8ft15ft
Required Space:26 ft16 ft16 ft
Required Access Width:4 ft
Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass
Outdoors on Hard Surface

Age RangeSuitable